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The Research LampPost is an independent market research house based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative market research throughout South Africa.

We are corporate members of the South African Market Research association.

Our mission is quite simple: Produce outstanding market research. Get it right. Be insightful. Be useful.

We pride ourselves on our service and our personal touch.

How to lie with Statistics by Darrel Huff: a book review

How to lie with Statistics by Darrel Huff

A book review by Duncan Brett

Way back in 1954, journalist Darrell Huff wrote this quirky little book as a ‘primer’ on how to lie with statistics and how to spot the tricks. It’s only 124 pages and filled with cartoons. You don’t need to know much about statistics and could finish it in a couple of hours. Despite some rather dated examples it’s as relevant today as it was just over 60 years ago. You’d be surprised to see how many anecdotes have modern day equivalents.


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