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Why Choose The Research LampPost for Market Research Surveys

Defining Strength

Our defining strength is our customer focus.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent value to our clients across a range of research services.

Our executive team members are the ones who produce the reports. Thus our standards are very high and our clients are assured of quality customer support.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent after sales market research support. We are accessible and if you call us you will be speaking to the person directly responsible for producing the report.

Usable Results

We focus on holistic - market research solutions that our clients can use.

We ensure that what we produce at the end fulfills the most basic requirements for our clients:

  • That our research reports are readable.
  • That the reports are usable.
  • That the reports measure parameters that clients can act upon.
  • Reports that our clients can profit from.

Ethical Market Research Standards

We are committed to providing high quality work and operate in accordance with the principles of the SAMRA code of conduct.

All our projects are executed to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct research and we maintain the highest standards of accountability and ethical norm and integrity in the way we do business.

Value for Money

At TRL we aim to provide you with the right answers within a reasonable budget.

The cost of getting the wrong answers is far more expensive than the price of any research project. We aim to do things right from the time we make first contact until the project is complete and the report delivered. And to provide excellent service every step of the way.

We put a huge amount of effort into every research project and our directors supervise the entire project to ensure high standards throughout. They are the ones who produce the research reports and are accessible for any support queries.

Our ultimate goal is to provide insight that you can profit from, whether its identifying and improving on weaknesses within your organisation or better understanding customer needs so that you can profit from better customer relationships.

Experienced Team

Our executive team has more than 50 years market research experience.

We have conducted market research projects across a variety of industries, methodologies and client types.

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