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Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative research is ideal for quantifying issues, putting a number to what you need to know – like what percentage of your market is aware of your product or how many people view you positively. As a general rule as long as your sample is correctly drawn, you will be able to ascertain a percentage within a given margin of error. There are a number of factors involved, but usually the larger your sample the lower the margin of error.

Quantitative research works best when you have clear specific issues or attitudes that you want to test objectively. It is not designed for deep probing and does not work well when the issues are unclear or vague.

Computer aided telephone interviewing

We have developed an online tool for interviewers to phone and interview respondents telephonically. This is a fast and effective way of getting information if you have a list of respondents (such as customers) or if you are looking for a representative sample of the general public (who have telephones). For general public surveys we use a random digit dialer.

Our interviewers can conduct interviews in all the major languages in South Africa.

Online studies

An online survey can be very effective if you have contact details for your sample. This approach is particularly useful for staff surveys, and account customers with whom you have a relationship. Our tool allows password protection, respondent to complete later, full routing of questions, graphics and your company branding amongst other features. As our system is our own, we are able to customize it to any requirements you may have.

The online study and telephone methodology can be combined so interviewers can email a link to prospects or an online respondent can request someone to phone them.

Face to face surveys

Sometimes you need to ask people questions face to face. This may be because you need to speak to people who cannot be reached by phone, or you can only find them in a specific location, or the survey is of such a nature that you need to show people something. We have strong, long-term relationships with field teams throughout South Africa and are able to conduct fieldwork just about anywhere.

Face-to face fieldwork is particularly suited for on-site intercept interviews, and general public surveys where you need a broader spectrum of the population than can be reached by landlines or online. The methodology is probably the best way to survey the lower income markets and the townships.

Mystery Shopping

This is an extremely popular technique for objectively measuring the service levels your frontline staff are providing. An interviewer posing as a customer visits your outlet and then reviews the service actually received. Mystery shoppers are always profiled to by typical to the outlet.

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