A business customer satisfaction tracker

Improving service from the warehouse to the shelf.

A large FMCG distributor wanted to track perceptions of its service and logistics offer amongst a broad range of customers who range in size from very small township based spaza shops all the way up to large wholesalers and giant hypermarkets across the Western and Northern Cape.
A need to monitor perceptions across a very diverse customer base to set benchmarks and ensure that a high and consistent level of service is provided.

APPROACH: We use an annual quantitative survey to track performance.

We use stratified random sampling to draw a sample of 750 from the active customer database. The strata are based on distribution centres and customer channels.

The questionnaire is reviewed annually for relevance and to ensure all customer touchpoints are covered. Additional qualitative probes for all negative ratings to fully understand the context behind the dissatisfaction.

Interviewing is done telephonically by a multi-lingual team (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Somali and Bengali) of 8-10 interviewers using our CATI (computer aided telephonic interviewing) system. Interviewers set up appointments for the interviews which take around 15 minutes.


  • A comprehensive set of ratings for the company overall and a wide range of subcategories.
  • Reports include a topline visual ‘map’ for senior management, graphic presentations for discussion and detailed data for various departments and channels.
  • Ratings are tracked over time and movement displayed.
  • Relative hotspots identified each year for detailed investigation.
  • Detailed commentary of sentiment obtained (the 2022 survey had over 2,700 comments from 750 surveys themed and tagged).
  • Resolution action when customer requires immediate action from client.
  • System allows a separate call to action survey response to be created and passed onto client without affecting the integrity and anonymity of the primary survey. 
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