How we work

We believe good research is a process. We learn and share throughout, it is not just an end report. We run our own projects and are involved in all aspects, so the people you talk to, do the work. We are not tied to a specific methodology and put a lot of thought into the best approach.

We are extremely thorough and comb detail for vision and provide expert analysis.

  • Get a deep understanding of the issue.
  • Give the research a clear focus.
  • Craft a method.
  • Pilot and test.
  • Make sure we are looking in the right places (having the right conversations with the right people).
  • Fit your budget.
  • Qualitative (In-depth interviews and focus group).
  • Quantitative: (surveys in-person, online or on the phone).
  • Desk (Internet, books, journals, case studies).
  • Data analytics (interrogating data).
  • Deep immersion.
  • Putting on our psychological, statistical, research and business hats.
  • Uncover stories and metrics that matter around how people think, feel, act.
  • Live discussion to extract full value.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Insights you can use.
  • Implications and points to ponder.
  • How we got there.
  • The evidence.
  • Open to feedback.
  • Did we meet the objectives?
  • Is the research usable?
  • Could we have done it better?
  • What lessons for the future?
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