Trusted by amazing clients:

Over the past 8 years, Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages has found the insights given by Duncan and his team,
very valuable.  It has assisted us in creating a “sniper” approach in terms of which business improvement initiatives to focus on first following a very comprehensive and dependable Customer Service survey.
Duncan takes the time and effort to understand our business and also puts forward valuable suggestions based on his expertise; ones we might not have thought of. He also ensures that when we embark on a research initiative, that we are clear on our objectives and never just “run a survey” for the sake of it.  The Research Lamppost has become a trusted partner, helping us to live out our purpose of refreshing our communities, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value and making a difference that matters. We are extremely satisfied with Duncan and his team and would highly recommend the services of TRL to any business!

~Jaco, Head of marketing ,Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages

“A special thanks to all of you for always producing quality work and delivering our products on time.
We appreciate your professionalism and ability to easily understand our requirements and needs
and we’ve always been pleased with the outcomes.” 

~Mu-arfia, The Health Foundation

“We recently requested Research Lamppost to assist us with conducting a survey.
They conducted a very professional service and the quality of reporting was of exceptional quality.  
We will be happy to use the services of this company.”

~Bubele, CEO The ROSE Foundation

“The Research Lamppost has been vitally important in the execution of our Institutional Survey Research for several years and has provided crucial information to further enhance Strategic Approaches for SACAP. We are delighted to work with Duncan and his team and were privy to valuable information due to diligent Survey Research processes and Analytics. We are looking forward to working with them again in the near future.”

~Leon, General Manager, SACAP
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